Welcome to Bridge Taxi Finance

Bridge Taxi Finance is your partner in the minibus taxi industry. We don’t just finance vehicles, we become your trusted partner working with you to build your business.

We provide a full suite of services that includes vehicle finance, day-to-day tracking, advice and management, and vehicle repairs and services. We offer you a single, all inclusive finance package with no surprises.

We are selective in the vehicles we choose to finance. We only work with suppliers with whom we have built a strong partnership, to ensure quality and manage risk.

In this way, we are empowering entrepreneurs to get South Africa moving.

Our values


Our staff are especially selected and trained to provide the highest quality of service to our customers.


Our call-centre support ensures that our customers have their vehicles operational at all times, ensuring optimum levels of service to their own clients.


We become your partner in running your own business, walking beside you every step of the way on your journey to success.


At Bridge Taxi Finance we provide a full range of services with one focus in mind – keeping our customer’s vehicle on the road, in order for him or her to grow their businesses.

The history of the minibus taxi industry in South Africa

Our specialisation

Bridge Taxi Finance and our affiliates offer a range of services aimed at building successful, viable businesses for our customers.

Bridge Taxi Finance provides finance to current and prospective owners of minibus taxi operators.
We assist our clients in running their day-to-day operations to the highest levels of efficiency.
Our professional service and refurbishment centres are dedicated to keeping our client’s vehicles on the road
Our vehicles are all installed with tracking devices, providing day-to-day feedback to vehicle operators.
Our trained support staff are constantly in contact with our clients, offering assistance via our call centre
Our vehicles are supported with quality spare parts, making cost-effective repairs possible

Our vehicles

Bridge Taxi Finance only finances high quality Chinese vehicles that are manufactured to comply with the highest international safety standards. Our vehicles are all custom-built to strict South African specifications, to ensure the best reliability and drivability to our clients, while at the same time offering the highest levels of comfort and safety to commuters.

Bridge Taxi Finance Jinbei H2 minibus taxi


Introduced to South Africa in 1995, the Jinbei has a solid track record for reliability.
Bridge Taxi Finance Golden Dragon Ikhumbi minibus taxi

Golden Dragon

Built by China’s top bus manufacturer, the Golden dragon is custom-built for South Africa’s mini-bus taxi industry.
Bridge Taxi Finance Foton View CS2 minibus taxi


Known for their reliability, durability and better fuel economy, the Foton is perfectly suited for any minibus operator.
Bridge Taxi Finance Joylong minibus taxi


The Joylong is our luxury model vehicle. Newly imported into South Africa, this vehicle has an international track record of reliable service.
Bridge Taxi Finance Jinbei H1 minibus taxi

Refurbished vehicles

Bridge Taxi Finance also has a variety of professionally refurbished vehicles for sale. These vehicles have been carefully selected, refurbished and serviced by our team of highly qualified technicians in order to provide a reliable, cost-effective option for potential new owners.