Bridge Taxi Finance is a company providing developmental credit to the minibus taxi industry since 2013 and is operating in South Africa.

This Manual has been prepared in Terms of Section 51 of The Promotion Of Access To Information Act 2 / 2000.

Our manual is available at our head office in Rosebank, Johannesburg, for anyone to read through without charge.

The Manual is also available at the SAHRC and copies can be obtained at the legislated charge.

Company Contact Details    

Company Information

Registered Name      Bridge Taxi Finance GJ (Pty) Limited
Trading AsBridge Taxi Finance GJ
Nature of BusinessDevelopmental credit provider (NCRCP7629)
Registration Number            2013/126320/07
Physical address132 Jan Smuts Rosebank2193South Africa
Postal Address         PO Box 52182Saxonwold2132
Telephone Number   +27 (0)800 27 43 43
Fax Number               +27 (0)86 595 9153  
Email Address             
DirectorsV RaserokaGD van Wyngaardt

Contact Details

Contact Person         GD van Wyngaardt
Email Address 
Postal Address                     PO Box 52182Saxonwold2132
Telephone Number   +27 (0)800 27 43 43
Fax Number               +27 (0)86 595 9153

The Act  

The ACT grants a requester access to records of a private body, if the record is required for the exercise or protection of any rights. If a public body lodges a request, the public body must be acting in the public interest.

Requests in terms of the ACT shall be made in accordance with the prescribed procedures, at the rates provided. The forms and tariff are dealt with in paragraphs 6 and 7 of the Act.

Requesters are referred to the Guide in terms of Section 10 which has been compiled by the South African Human Rights Commission, which will contain information for the purposes of exercising Constitutional Rights. The Guide is available from the SAHRC

The contact details of the Commission are:

PAIA Unit 

Private Bag 2700



Telephone       : (011) 877-3600 

Facsimile        : (011) 403-0625 

Website           :

Email               :

Applicable legislation 

Information is available in terms of the following legislation, if and where applicable:   

NoReferenceAct DescriptionApplicable
1No 61 of 1973Companies ActYes
2No 98 of 1978Copyright ActNo
3No 55 of 1998Employment Equity ActYes
4No 95 of 1967Income Tax ActYes
5No 66 of 1995Labour Relations ActYes
6No 89 of 1991Value Added Tax ActYes
7No 37 of 2002Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services ActNo
8No 75 of 1997Basic Conditions of Employment ActYes
9No 69 of 1984Close Corporations ActNo
10No 25 of 2002Electronic Communications and Transactions ActYes
11No 2 of 2000Promotion of Access of Information ActYes
12No 30 of 1996Unemployment Insurance ActYes

Schedule of records

RecordsSubject  ApplicableSource
Public affairsPublic Product Information Public Corporate Records  Media ReleasesYesYesYesRequest in terms of PAIA.Request in terms of PAIA.Request in terms of PAIA.
FinancialFinancial Statements Financial and Tax Records (Company & Employees) Asset Register Management AccountsYesYes  YesYes Request in terms of PAIA.
Not available.   Request in terms of PAIA.
Request in terms of PAIA.
MarketingMarket Information Public Customer Information: Product Brochures Owner Manuals Field Records Performance Records Product Sales Records Marketing Strategies Customer Database Dealer Franchise DocumentsYes  YesNoNoNoYesYesYesNoRequest in terms of PAIA.  Request in terms of PAIA   Request in terms of PAIARequest in terms of PAIARequest in terms of PAIA 

Form of Request

The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 / 2000 allows people an opportunity to obtain information and documents from the Government and from businesses when this is needed. But this does not mean that all information can be accessed whenever someone wants it. The PAIA makes it clear that people may only request information for legitimate reasons such as the protection of a right or similar and that a company may refuse to disclose information that is confidential or secret or if the information concerns a third party such as an employee.

To request information from Bridge Taxi Finance:

  • The prescribed request form (download here) must be fully completed and sent by registered mail, telefax or email to our contact person, together with a certified copy of the requestors’ identity book. 
  • Requests for information that do not comply with this process will be returned to the requestor. 
  • Provide sufficient details to enable the COMPANY to identify: 
    • The record(s) requested;
    • The requester (and if an agent is lodging the request, proof of capacity);
    • The form of access required;
    • The postal address or fax number of the requester in the Republic;
    • If the requester wishes to be informed of the decision in any manner (in addition to written) the manner and particulars thereof;
  • The right which the requester is seeking to exercise or protect, with an explanation of the reason the record is required to exercise or protect the right.

Prescribed fees

The requestor must bear in mind that each application carries a prescribed charge for administrative levies. These fees are non-refundable. 

There are costs for all information disclosed which the requestor must pay for before requested information is handed over. 

The following applies to requests (other than personal requests):

  • A requestor is required to pay the prescribed fees (R50.00) before a request will be processed;
  • If the preparation of the record requested requires more than the prescribed hours (six), a deposit shall be paid (of not more than one third of the access fee which would be payable if the request were granted);
  • A requestor may lodge an application with a court against the tender/payment of the request fee and/or deposit;
  • Records may be withheld until the fees have been paid.
  • The fee structure is available on the website of the South African Human Rights Commission at