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Some answers to the questions we get asked a lot

Why should I finance my vehicle through Bridge Taxi Finance?

What you see is what you pay! – You don’t get any surprises in extra charges to your monthly bill. You don’t need to take out compulsory insurance, tracking devices or credit life.

Do I get an early cancellation benefit?

Yes, your early cancellation option allows you to cancel the contract whenever you want. You can return the vehicle under any circumstances without an adverse credit rating, or additional charges or payments.

Is the interest rate fixed over the contract period?

Yes, the instalment never goes up, but can decrease by up to a third over the term of finance. The decrease in the instalment is based on good payment records, driver behaviour as well as vehicle service records.

How do I decrease my monthly instalment?

  • If no instalments are missed, your monthly payment reduces by 1% every nine (9) months
  • If you drive better than the industry average, your instalment reduces by 1/4% every six (6) months
  • If you keep your vehicle serviced as per the manufacturer’s requirement at an approved dealer, your instalment reduces by 1/4% every six (6) months

Can I expect any on-road assistance?

Yes, an additional credit facility is available for repair and mechanical breakdown, if required (subject to loan status). You also get vehicle recovery and delivery to a dealer in the case of a breakdown.

What other support can I expect?

You get regular updates of driving statistics to help you manage and improve your business

Do I need an upfront cash payment?

Yes, you need to pay an upfront payment of between R16 000 and R25 000 to the dealership, depending on which vehicle you choose to purchase.

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