How to finance your new vehicle

Congratulations on your first step of owning your new business. At Bridge Taxi Finance we are just as committed as you to make your new venture a success. We are looking forward to being there with you every step of the way in building your business.

To finance your first vehicle, you need to approach an approved Bridge Taxi Finance vehicle dealer (see details below) and select the vehicle you want. Complete the application form and submit the necessary documents to the dealer. The dealer will submit the required documents to Bridge Taxi Finance to get the process started.

Once received, Bridge Taxi Finance will process the documents and respond by either confirming that the application is a success, or whether it is declined. If successful, the dealer will forward all relevant documents to Bridge Taxi Finance, to formally lodge the credit application.

Bridge Taxi Finance will review the documents and do the necessary credit verifications. If this has been completed successfully, the credit application will be formally approved and Bridge Taxi Finance will issue a cash payment claim to the dealer, together with the outcome of the credit review.

You can then pay the minimum cash payment to the dealer (between R16 000 and R25 000 depending on the vehicle you choose). Once received, the dealer will then work with Bridge Taxi Finance team to organise all the registrations, operating licences and installations on your new vehicle. They will then inform you when you can take ownership of the vehicle.

Once this process is completed, you will need to sign all the relevant documentation, and you can then start operating your new minibus taxi. Bridge Taxi Finance will start to work with you from day one to actively manage your vehicle and to collect instalments.

Bridge Approved Dealers

Bridge Taxi Finance has forged close partnerships with a number of reputable dealers who trade in minibus-taxis. Find the one closest to you in the map below.