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Bridge Parts and Accessories

We know that minibus-taxis cover large distances (over 8 000km per month) and as a result, breakdowns are inevitable. It is crucial to have replacement parts available on short notice at affordable prices. In a commitment to keep our clients’ vehicles safe, operational and on the road, Bridge Taxi Finance has agreements with Mandarin Parts and Distributors as well as Autozone to provide our clients with parts through an extensive network suppliers.

Bridge Parts

Affordable, reliable parts always available

Vehicle management and tracking

Bridge offers day-to-day management of effective minibus-taxi operations to our clients through our call centre. Our professional team is on call on a daily basis to assist with the any challenges that a taxi operator may come across in his daily operations. In addition to this, Bridge offers high-tech vehicle tracking and telemetry services, which track vehicle operations on a daily basis in order to provide detailed feedback for more efficient taxi operations.
Bridge Taxi Finance customer service
Bridge Taxi Finance customer service


Our friendly call centre support provide operational management assistance on a day-to-day basis

Bridge Service and Panel

Bridge has established a service and panel facility in Strydom Park, Johannesburg. Here, we service and refurbish used vehicles to the highest roadworthy standards for redistribution. This facility has commenced operations in January 2018, and is fully operational, covering the entire repair & refurbishment cycle of taxis.


Our service centre refurbishes used vehicles to high standards and keep them on the road